Shanling Q1 is a 1950s-inspired music player with modern hi-fi audio smarts

Music to our ears
20 December 2019 / 10:30GMT

There’s a whiff of 6th-gen iPod nano about Shanling Q1 (£68), but – sorry, Jony Ive – Apple’s tiny portable music player never looked this cool. Eschewing minimalist tech, the Q1 instead draws inspiration from the 1950s, with a playful design that’s all smooth round edges, chrome-like accents, physical buttons, and gorgeous colours. But what of the music bit? Well, it reportedly does the business there too. It’ll happily play high-res audio files, which can be loaded via a micro SD card. The wee device has Bluetooth support as well, so it can pair with headphones, act as a Bluetooth amp for your phone, or even become a Bluetooth transmitter for an ancient PC. Meanwhile, digital USB output should please audiophiles, while the 21-hour battery life is almost enough to get through half a Pink Floyd guitar solo.