Samsung’s new Atmos soundbar automatically adjusts to what you’re watching

Soundbars don't come smarter than this
28 March 2019 / 17:49GMT

Ever find yourself watching a film and constantly having to ride the volume control when the talking stops and the explosions start? Annoying, isn’t it? But Samsung’s new Q-Series soundbars could solve the problem with their new Adaptive Sound technology, which analyses the noises in each scene and adjusts the audio settings automatically. Top of your shopping list should be the Atmos-packing HW-Q70R (£800), but there’s one without Dolby’s sound-bouncing skills (the HW-Q60R) that’ll set you back £200 less. The Q70R also comes with DTS:X 360-degree surround sound, while both have Acoustic Beam technology that’s designed to send noises into every nook and cranny of your room. They’ll be available to buy in April and work best with Samsung’s 2019 QLED TV range, but don’t let that stop you plugging one into something else. Probably best to make sure it’s a telly though.