Pure's Siesta Charge wakes you up ready to go-go

Wireless charging has never been so easy
15 November 2018 / 13:38GMT

Humans mastered wireless charging long ago: find somewhere vaguely flat to lay down and a few hours later you’re ready for action, no plugs or cables required. Even so, we still like to add a mattress and bedding to make the process as comfortable as possible. Phones are the same. Basic wireless chargers have been around for yonks, but where your blower really wants to refill its battery is reclining on top of Pure’s Siesta Charge. As well as the Qi pad it has built-in DAB and FM radio, Bluetooth and a nice sharp auto-dimming display. There’s even an extra USB port on the back, just in case your phone fancies getting back to basics. Pick one up in Polar (that’s white) or Graphite (a greyish black) for £130 later this month.