The Pure StreamR is an Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker with a built-in DAB+ radio

It’ll be joined by a miniature waterproof version later this year
13 May 2019 / 13:14BST

We’ve all been there: you’re on your holidays, piña colada in hand and floating leisurely around the pool, when all of a sudden you have a burning desire to know who the 14th President of the French Republic was. With Pure’s new StreamR Bluetooth speaker (£170, available now) poolside, you won’t even need to vacate the ring to pursue such trivia. Built-in Alexa is on hand to answer any questions and play music from Amazon Music or TuneIn, and this being a Pure product, you get also get a DAB+ radio on board. The StreamR delivers 360 sound and will blast away for 15 hours before needing a recharge. Also coming later in the year is the StreamR Splash (£120), which has an IP67 water and dustproof rating. If the swimming pool is indeed where do you do most of your pondering, maybe hold on for that one.