Prestige X series encapsulates everything we love about New York’s Grado

Brooklyn’s finest
17 May 2021 / 16:37BST

With all of its headphones designed and hand-built at the company’s Brooklyn HQ, Grado is one of the few US audio brands that hasn’t outsourced manufacturing to the Far East to save a few bucks. That commitment to tradition, along with transparent open-backed signature audio quality and fetching 1950s aesthetic, is one of the things that makes the Prestige Series so appealing – and the latest generation of this 30-year-old core range has just arrived. Consisting of five different models, the Grado Prestige X series (from £109.95, availability TBC) features improvements and refinements to its speakers, headband and cable design in comparison to its predecessor the E series, but the pricing remains quite reasonable: even the flagship SR325x model, which features a real leather headband and 18-24,000Hz frequency response, is available for £329.95.