Philips PH805 mid-range noise cancellers will block out 95% of your commute

It's oh so quiet
11 September 2019 / 12:40BST

Noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute commuter must-have, but look at the most popular options on the market and getting change out of £300 is getting increasingly hard. Philips has decided to do something about that, launching the new PH805 over-ears at a more pocket-friendly mid-range price point. They come with the promise of new ANC tech which supposedly cancels out over 95% of background noise, plus at just 235g, Philips claims they’re one of the lightest over-ear wireless noise cancellers on the market too. Other specs include Bluetooth 5.0, on-ear touch controls and 30 hours of battery life, with fast charging on board to give you two hours charge in five minutes. We’re still waiting on UK prices, but with a confirmed European price of €179, we’re certainly expecting it to be less the £200.