The One Cast smart amplifier wants to unite your home speaker system

One for all…
16 January 2020 / 17:02GMT

Cyrus Audio’s new One Cast all-in-one smart amplifier is looking to play peacemaker by uniting all of the speaker tech in your home. The versatile device is designed to work with all three major voice assistants (that’s Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, in case you were wondering) and also offers support for all major music streaming apps, meaning it can seamlessly integrate into a voice-controlled wireless multi-room audio setup. Alongside support for Google Cast, Apple Airplay, and Bluetooth, the One Cast packs a massive array of wired connection options including a high-resolution USB input, optical and coaxial digital inputs, an HDMI ARC port, headphone amp, moving magnet phono stage for turntables, and analogue inputs that can be integrated into an existing AV system. So, whether you’re looking to efficiently manage a wireless setup, weave together a wired hi-fi system, or construct a hybrid audio monument worthy of the gods, the One Cast should have your back.