Marshall’s Major III Voice headphones go big on battery life

Major upgrade
02 October 2019 / 18:02BST

How many Marshall amps do you think Pete Townsend has smashed to pieces over the years? 60 might be a bit of an underestimate, but that’s how many hours of battery life the legendary brand is promising you’ll get from its new Major III Voice headphones. For context, that’s double what you’ll get from Sony’s class-leading WH-1000XM3 - if the claims hold up that is. You get the same 40mm dynamic drivers as the standard Major IIIs, but the new cans - if you hadn’t already guessed - add voice control via Google Assistant. With a press and hold of the voice button you can tell Assistant to play your favourite playlist, read your text messages or give you directions while on-the-go. Pick them up from October 16 for £150.