Lexicon SL-1 hits the sweet spot for audiophiles seeking musical direction

Sound control
10 May 2019 / 14:44BST

Looking like a giant hourglass and sounding a bit like ecstasy, the Lexion SL-I is no ordinary high-end and high-priced (£40,000) speaker system to lust over. Using Harman technology, you’re able to control the width and direction of the sound using the accompanying app, available on iOS and Android. Simply sweep your finger across the screen and select the ‘sweet spot’. It works in real-time using an algorithm to determine the size of the listening area and it’s even possible to programme presets for different scenarios. Whilst having a combined 66 drivers and 46 amplifier channels is certainly impressive, the fully active speaker can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with the help of the SLC-1 wireless controller. For added jazziness, two LED rings work to visualise the direction of the sound. It'll go on sale later this year, so you've got time to contemplate if it's worth trading in all your worldly possessions.