Lenco-MD is a modular 3D-printed record player that you build and customise yourself

Give it a spin
06 December 2018 / 16:57GMT

Vinyl’s having quite the resurgence, but traditional record players remain rooted in the 1990s. There’s no room for tinkering and customisation. That’s where Lenco-MD (from €99) comes in. This collaboration between Swiss quality hi-fi manufacturers Lenco and Dutch 3D printer producer RepRapUniverse is a record player with striking looks, a funky tonearm, and an AT3600 cartridge from Audio Technica. But the main hooks are that you print and build the thing yourself, and the modules that are planned to make the hardware adapt to fit your lifestyle. Fancy some wireless noise? There’ll be a Bluetooth module. Want to annoy the neighbours by blasting tunes from your garden? Go for the solar and speaker modules. Fancy a Phil Collins marathon? Go for it – there’s no ‘accounting for taste’ module.