Introducing IQbuds Boost: the earbuds that improve your hearing

Waiting for Nuheara's Sound and Vision
18 January 2018 / 17:03GMT

Remember when the 'rents lifted one of your cans and said turn it down or you'd go deaf? Now, the reverse is true! Well… ish. In March 2017, US government tweaked over-the-counter hearing aid legislation, effectively making certain listening-device tech available in your wireless earbud, and Australian company Nuheara has been sprinting to get all up in your shell-like about it. Marketed to those, like co-founder Justin Miller, with mild to moderate hearing difficulties in social situations (can’t hear the quiz questions down the Crown with all the background kerfuffle?) an EarID app creates a sort of doughnut graph of your hearing – calibrating the buds for a personalised, optimised hearing experience. Of course, this works for those with no hearing issues who just want a bud better suited to them, and they’ll stream music just like any wireless headphones would. All eyes (and ears) on the April release date.