An iconic Bang & Olufsen design classic goes wireless with the new Earset earphones

Bang up to datesen
02 May 2018 / 17:29BST

Earphone aficionados will be familiar with Bang & Olufsen’s Earset, which married loudspeaker principles with a flexible design that enabled you to keep the things on your lug-holes for hours. But now the new Earset (£269) brings these iconic earphones into the present – mostly through going digital. The Earset is now wireless, with five hours of battery life, and digital equalisers to ensure optimal sound performance. There’s also a swish anodised aluminium inline remote for controlling music, taking calls, or yelling at your smartphone. Naturally, the important bits remain intact, notably the ear-hook design that positions the earbud’s tip in your concha rather than it being rammed further into your ear. Great for not being cut off from the outside world, resulting in the clear sound preferred by musicians and cyclists. Less fun when people bug you about where you got those natty new earphones when you’re trying to enjoy your latest jam.