Denon AH-GC30 promise scalable noise-cancelling with hi-fi sound

Turn on, tune in, drop out
11 March 2019 / 18:00GMT

If the carry on surrounding Brexit isn’t cause enough to take a break from the world for a little bit, we don’t know what is. Hi-fi brand Denon is here to assist, with the AH-GC30 headphones – audiophile-grade cans that are both wireless and noise-cancelling for blocking out the chatter. Packing Denon’s proprietary FreeEdge driver technology, they use ‘floating’ diaphragms to cut out resonance, while aptX HD Bluetooth tech helps to keep their wireless sound quality tip top. The active noise cancelling technology used here offers three different modes – city, office and flight – with each one tuned to work best for those situations, while an extra ‘Ambient Monitor’ will let in environmental noise with one tap on the earcups. Offering 20 hours of playback (25 hours when wired), the AH-GC30 will cost £299 when they’re released this month.