Darlite brings Bluetooth and AirPlay to Sonos

A pint-sized Sonos saviour.
11 June 2017 / 10:10BST

We love Sonos as much as the next multi-room enthusiast, but it wouldn’t hurt for it to let its hair down, just a little bit. We know, we know – it’s about the experience - but its inability to play nice with the other tech we use to listen to our music, can be a bit annoying. Thankfully, a Kickstarter campaign is hoping to change that with a new Sonos accessory called Darlite. It can stand solo or piggyback your Play:1, and connects to your speaker via ethernet. Once hooked up, you can use Bluetooth, AirPlay or DLNA to stream music to your whole Sonos system (there's a 3.5mm input too) – it’ll even open up the ability to use music services, like YouTube, not currently supported by the official app.  All very useful, but it's also got a party trick to show off - the Darlite doubles as a smart light, with changeable colours you can set to move in time with the music. That should get your next kitchen party started. It’s available for backing now, for €120 (about £105).