Cambridge Audio Evo squeezes all your hi-fi needs into one beautiful box

All the thinking is inside the box
07 April 2021 / 15:11BST

Thankfully for those of a minimalist mien, the days of hulking, cable-spewing hi-fi towers are well and truly behind us. If you want an example look no further than Cambridge Audio’s Evo system (from £1,799, available later this month), a compact one-box solution with a Hypex NCore D stereo amplifier (either 75W or 150W per channel, depending on your needs and budget), a StreamMagic streaming platform (which supports aptX Bluetooth, Spotify, Tidal, AirPlay 2, Chromecast and more) and a wide selection of inputs and outputs. It's an all-in-one music solution and Cambridge offers its matching Evo S brace for £649, plus you can add the Evo CD player for a further £799. The pricing speaks to premium performance to match the thoughtful styling, so we're keen to find out how loud this little box can go.