Buoq Axis is a pair of headphones that can transform into a set of wearable speakers

Flip out
06 August 2019 / 14:55BST

At a glance, there’s nothing unusual about Buoq Axis (€79). The unit looks like a typical pair of cans; and when on your lugholes, the Axis ensures your ears are happy with its solid sound and comfy cups, and keeps you in control with a one-touch multi-function button for play/pause/skip. There’s Bluetooth support, passive noise cancelling, and a trio of equaliser presets, depending on whether you want to smash your brains to jelly by pumping up the bass. But spin the ear pads 180-degrees and you automatically activate speaker mode. This lets you inflict your musical taste on everyone nearby, having transformed Axis into an oddball wireless speaker, or a wearable unit that will make people double-take – and probably also question whether anyone ever told you about the proper way to wear headphones.