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Bang & Olufsen’s wireless E6 earbuds are all about the bass

Re-engineered with a snug fit for tasty low-end frequencies

If you like your beats fast and your bass down low, Bang & Olufsen have a new pair of earphones fit for purpose. The Danish audiophile’s wireless E6 earphones (£269) have been designed for the snuggest of fits so you can go about your business – be that a bit of exercise or barging your way onto busy public transport – without the world butting in on your music. Featuring Bang & Olufsen Signature sound, the lightweight E6 are joined by a tear-resistant braided cord and are magnetic so you can secure them around your neck safe in the knowledge they’ll automatically power down when not in use. And when you are blasting out bashment grooves, don’t fret if you’re out of battery because a new snap on charger gives you a juice boost without interrupting your listening session. The earphones are available in black, sand and a rather fetching plum finish as an autumn/winter special edition.

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