Audio Technica’s M50xBT2 headphones help you hear yourself in high fidelity

Voices in your ear
18 August 2021 / 14:00BST

Hate the sound of your own voice? Audio-Technica’s latest wireless cans will keep you cringing: sidetone circuitry in the ATH-M50xBT2 (£180) can feed your dulcet tones back to the 45mm drivers during calls. Two mics pick up your pipes for muffle-free conversation, which also makes Alexa’s life a little bit easier. When you’re not talking to yourself or Amazon’s in-built voice assistant, you can stream high-quality AAC or LDAC audio via Bluetooth, boosted by a dedicated internal amp. If you prefer to play than press play, there’s also a low-latency mode to keep game sounds in sync. Speedy USB-C charging means a 10-minute battery boost can set you up for the whole of Titanic, while the 50-hour max capacity should save you from the sinking feeling of a flat cell.