Artiphon Orba is like half a techno-grapefruit that lets you compose songs and loops in seconds

Band in your hand
29 November 2019 / 16:10GMT

Pianos? Guitars? Drums? They’re all a bit much like hard work when you’ve got a top-ten hit in your head that just has to come out. So try Orba ($89) instead. Half a sphere, this palm-friendly piece of kit was inspired by shakers and hand drums, and influenced by the creators getting a bit obsessed with grapefruits and bowls of miso soup. Its form might be unconventional, but it’s also portable and immediate. There’s a large button to instantly switch between drum, bass, chord and lead parts. A raft of sensors lets you tap, slide, shape, tilt and spin Orba, smashing out beats, forming ear-smashing bass, and crafting riffs that will stick in people’s heads for months. And when you’re ready to take the next step to superstardom, Orba can plug into music apps via MIDI – or an amp over its 3.5mm output when you’re doing that headliner slot at Glastonbury.