512 Audio's XLR microphones capture crisper vocals for streamers and singers

Find your voice
25 August 2021 / 10:06BST

Publishing a podcast has never been easier. But it takes more than a catchy concept and crisp diction to make you a hit with the ASMR community. For richer transmissions, try the inaugural recording range from 512 Audio. Specifically tuned to suit vocal tones, the Limelight (£180) uses a focused pick-up pattern to capture clear, pop-free speech that’s perfect for broadcasting. More of a warbler than a waffler? Try its identically priced Skylight sibling. With a large 34mm diaphragm capsule inspired by classic condenser mics, it’s designed to record your strains with vintage warmth. Both use XLR connectors for easy integration into your existing mixer setup. Pair either with the fledgling brand’s Boom Arm (£80) and Pop Filter (£55) for studio quality sound that’s sure to keep your listeners keen.