Tally is a tap-happy tracker that’ll tot up your doings

Finally, find out just how many biscuits you munch
13 June 2017 / 10:03BST

Data might be everywhere - but it can’t tell you how many cookies you consumed on 10 April. Sometimes, you’ve got to do things yourself, which is why Tally (£free, iOS) exists - and makes number-crunching your daily habits a cinch. Tap in what you want to track (biscuits, vodka shots, good ideas) then simply double tap the relevant icon every time you have one. Besides totting up the numbers, Tally will offer graphs of your digits over time - so you can find out just how many sweets you swallow every week, and how few novel cogitations you actually have to offer. For free, you can track three metrics - or pay £3.99 for limitless logging.