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AlphaTheta enters the club with Omnis-Duo DJ system

New audio brand also brings Wave-Eight portable speaker to its stage debut

AlphaTheta Omnis Duo DJ system hot stuff

Turntablists and party planners have a new name to look out for when kitting out their DJ booths. AlphaTheta, the brand behind familiar club name Pioneer DJ, is launching its own-brand equipment with an eye on portability and convenience. First in line are the Omnis-Duo DJ system and Wave-Eight party speaker.

DJs should feel right at home with the Omnis-Duo, which has the standard two deck + mixer layout and is crowned by a touchscreen. The all-in-one doesn’t rely on a laptop to load in tunes, and built-in Bluetooth allows for cable-free connections to PA systems.

Importantly the Omnis-Duo is small and light enough to slide into a backpack (a sensibly sized one, at any rate), yet still has a full selection of in and outputs. USB and SD card playback, Wi-Fi streaming from a PC, pro-grade XLR and RCA ports for home speakers are all on-board.

There’s even an on-board battery, for bringing the noise anywhere – whether it has mains power or not. You’ll get through a five hour set before it’ll be out of juice. It’ll also run off a sufficiently powerful battery bank over USB-C.

AlphaTheta Wave-Eight speaker

The Wave-Eight portable speaker, meanwhile, wants to be the next best thing to a permanent PA system. Bespoke SonicLink wireless tech promises a low latency connection to the Omnis-Duo, and multiple speakers can be combined wirelessly if your gig is closer to headlining Burning Man than happy hour at the Bull’s Head pub.

Transport is easy enough thanks to built-in caster wheels and an extendable handle. The built-in battery can last up to eight hours, and an IPX4 rating means a few drops of rain don’t have to mean the party’s over.

Both new models are available to order now, directly from the AlphaTheta website. The Omnis-Duo will set you back $1499/£1369, and the Wave-Eight starts at $899/£859.

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