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50 years later, the Casiotron is back (in limited numbers)

Casio’s blast from the past is limited to 4000 pieces worldwide


Nineteen seventy-four was a heck of a year. Watergate saw the resignation of Nixon. Ali fought Foreman in Zaire. Abba won the Eurovision with Waterloo. And Casio released the Casiotron — the world’s first digital wristwatch with an automatic calendar function.

Sure, it might not have the same cultural significance as, say, the purported leader of the free world leaving his office in disgrace, but if you’re a watch aficionado, then it’s likely that the Casiotron is somewhat of an icon in your books — which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s back.

Available for £449 directly from Casio (US prices and availability TBC), the re-released Casiotron celebrates its 50th anniversary with a limited set of 4000 pieces worldwide. Naturally, it retains the classic aesthetics and calendar functionality of the original model, which made a splash upon its release by negating the need for annoying manual monthly calendar correction rituals.

Casiotron dial

The re-release model also has a few modern twists thrown in for good measure, including radio wave reception for accurate timekeeping, along with a Tough Solar charging system for effortless battery top-ups. Casio’s Smartphone Link tech also allows it to connect your phone, letting it automatically adjust the time across timezones, while also tweaking other settings and functions.

Arriving in plastic-free packaging which includes eco-friendly paper, the Casiotron could be the new jewel of any retro fan’s collection. With four function buttons and a new darker dial colour, there’s just enough to hint at its upgraded innards, while paying a fitting homage to its 70s roots. Whether or not you’re willing to part with the asking price for a hefty hit of nostalgia is up to you, but there’s no judgment on our end if you are.

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