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Xbox Brooklin: everything we know about the discless Series X refresh

An update to the Xbox Series X is in the works, and it comes without a disc drive. And it looks like an old Mac Pro

Close-up of Xbox controller

There is a revamped version of the Xbox Series X console coming this year, codenamed Brooklin.

But we wouldn’t know about the Xbox Series X refresh if it weren’t for Federal Trade Commission v. Microsoft Corp. and Activision Blizzard, Inc. The lawsuit made its way through United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Evidence documents leaked out concerning things like the release plans for The Elder Scrolls 6 as well as Microsoft’s plans to re-acquire Bungie and even buy Nintendo. Yes, really.

But what we also got was Brooklin: a new discless Xbox Series X console design with an upgraded controller. That is in addition to the recently much rumoured white Xbox, too.

Taking cues from the Darth Vader’s Dustbin era of the Mac Pro, the Xbox Brooklin is an upright charcoal-grey cylinder with an Xbox logo and some USB ports at the bottom. We haven’t seen the back of the device, but the chances are it’s flat to accommodate the HDMI and other ports.

Xbox leaks: what do they reveal?

Microsoft’s 2023 discussions with the Federal Trade Commission over its now-completed acquisition of Activision were a gift that kept on giving. At least for anyone interested in Xbox leaks. These leaks didn’t come from an undercover source, however. They came from Microsoft themselves in documents the company had to provide to the court.

Brooklin - Xbox Series X

Amongst the leaks was news of a more streamlined Xbox Series X. The new console, codenamed ‘Brooklin’, will be cylinder-shaped – or at least the concept is, we won’t find out if the design makes it to manufacturing until the official announcement. It won’t include a disc drive, but does have “more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power” according to the document.

These statements point to a die-shrink, the production of the same old Seriex X components using a new, updated manufacturing process that allows them to be smaller and more energy efficient. It’s worth noting that the new box’s PSU has a 15% lower rating than the current model’s, so it won’t put such a strain on your power bills.

In its February 2024 statement, Microsoft says it will have “more console and controller options for you this holiday” This machine looks to be the console part of that statement.

Cloud controller

We also got a glimpse of ‘Sebile’ – also expected this year. This is an Xbox controller that will feature haptic feedback and direct-to-cloud gameplay. Plus there’s a ‘lift to wake’ function tied to an accelerometer that begins gameplay simply by picking up the controller. The image also shows updated wireless connections, with a new Xbox Wireless 2 alongside direct-to-cloud (which could mean Wi-Fi for Game Pass streaming) and Bluetooth so it can work on PCs. There’s also mention of speakers and extra haptic feedback, a bit like the DualSense, and a swappable battery pack.

Sebile Xbox controller

The new controller, the leaks reveal, is set to be announced in early 2024 for $69.99. Unless Microsoft decides to switch that up, that is. Microsoft is apparently aiming for a $499 launch price for Brooklin, identical to the Xbox Series X.

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