WTF...are TikTok stickers?

Sticker shock

Oh no. This is going to be something involving dog noses or pixie ears, isn’t it?

Not quite. TikTok creators can now add Donation Stickers to videos and live streams to encourage followers to donate to charitable causes during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's everything you need to know.

Fair enough, everyone is being kind at the moment…

Give over, what about all the cash-rich corporations and fat cat bosses taking taxpayers to the cleaners? Anyway, once added, users can tap the stickers to be taken to a donation page within the app where they can add card details and drop some dosh.

Are TikTok putting their hands in their pocket?

In fairness, the Chinese site says it will match the first USD$10 million donated globally until May 27th. Charities in the UK include the British Red Cross and Help Musicians, with TikTok saying it chose charities that help the kinds of communities that use its platform and have been hit hard by the crisis.

What happens when this all blows over?

Donation Stickers will stay as a permanent feature in the app, although Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram have already added similar features. Sadly there’s no magic button forcing Facebook to pay proper amounts of Corporation Tax.