Ultimate Setup: Sky Q

Pair your shiny new box up with this lot, and you'll be in telly heaven

There's no doubt about it - Sky Q is pricey, but it's also the pinnacle of couch surfing nirvana, offering an unmatched haven for telly addicts.

If you're planning to dive into Sky's time-sucking world, then you're going to want to do it justice - that janky old 720p telly with its built-in tinny speakers are definitely not going to serve you well.

Kit your living room out with this lot though, and you'll be well on your way to never leaving your home again. Apologies in advance:

The Show: Super Sunday

You don’t structure your life around the days of the week – you use the football fixtures. Sundays are Super; Monday nights are for MNF, not University Challenge, and every day between is filled with whatever obscure leauge you can find on the EPG (although you’ll probably stick on a movie if the only option is Scottish Leaue Two).

And when the season’s over? There’s cricket, kabaddi, F1, you name it. If it’s not competitive, you’ll make it so.

While BT Sport might’ve stolen the Champions Leauge, Sky still holds the lion’s share of Premier League games, not to mention the Championship, La Liga and, for the football hipsters, the Eredivisie.

Super Sunday is its crown jewel, showing up to three top-flight games back to back, to watch before, during, and after you eat your roast.