The sun is out – get your geek on with these t-shirts

With the heatwave continuing, you'll want some threads to take advantage of the weather – wrap youself up in one of these top pop culture shirts

We’ve thrown a virtual net around the smartest t-shirts on the web and picked a select few for your viewing pleasure.

Drop your console controller, don some clothes and leave the house for a little sun.


protocop t-shirt

£13, tshirtgk.co.uk

Don't remember the classic 90s action series Protocop? That's because it was one of the many background gags in cult hit Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Prove your cinematic credentials with this explosive shirt.

Lord Grumpy

lord grumpy t-shirt

£30, tshitstoreonline.com

Grumpy Cat has made the jump from mere meme to physical world t-shirt sensation. And the morose moggy has picked up some smart threads along the way.


boom t-shirt

£16, redbubble.com

Is it Doom or is it Army of Darkness? It’s a glorious mash-up of the two that we’re certain even Bruce Campbell himself would be proud of.

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark LED shirt

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark LED shirt

US$30 (£20), thinkgeek.com

Got shrapnel near your heart that threatens your life? Or a flying suit of armour that needs an arc reactor to power? Well, good luck finding one. In the meantime this t-shirt glows like the real thing and it’s even machine washable. Cutting edge stuff.


bamboozle t-shirt

£20, truffleshuffle.co.uk

We don’t remember using Teletext for anything other than Bamboozle and checking flights. While flight timetables wouldn't make for a very interesting shirt, Bamboozle is right on the button. TV controller button, that is.

Left The House

xbox left the house t-shirt

US$22 (£15) splitreason.com

Take a risk, down controller and leave the house. This t-shirt may help make your transition easier. It may even draw others out into the light. Let’s populate the world with fellow pasty gamers, like some sort of post apocalyptic uprising, but with less brain eating.

Spider-Man Proximity t-shirt

spider-man proximity t-shirt

US$40 (£35), thinkgeek.com

Get your very own Spidey sense with this t-shirt that features a proximity sensor on the back. Note that's the only power this imbues you with. So don't go trying to climb any walls – and if it alerts you to a pickpocket we recommend running before attempting any acrobatic fighting moves.