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Stuff magazine’s June 2022 issue is out now!

Everything that's great and good in the June 2022 edition of Stuff magazine

Stuff magazine June 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the month. Stuff’s latest issue has just hit the streets. This issue is all about getting yourself active, with a full guide to the latest gear for the great outdoors – whether you’re camping in the sun, walking in a storm, cycling up mountains or larking about on the river.

Of course, one of the side effects of summer is that your garden constantly looks like it needs some serious work from Monty Don and his mysteriously absent band of helpers. In an ideal world, we’d all have robot lawnmowers, but for most of us a cordless mower is where it’s at. So we’ve looked at five of the best.

We’ve got some rather excellent reviews for you too, including Bowers & Wilkins’ new Dolby Atmos soundbar, a Microsoft laptop and an Apple desktop, the quirky Playdate handheld, plus our definitive verdict on the game that Santa will have to order in a lot of copies of this year: Nintendo Switch Sports. Does it live up to its wonderful Wii-based predecessor?

But that’s not all we’ve got on the anti-inertia theme this month: you’ll also find a whole extra section dedicated to keeping fit and active, with the latest in home fitness gear, running shoes and clothing… and, of course, the toppermost trackers and sporty watches. We’ve also checked out the very best drones and action cameras so you can film your adventures.

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