Smart Money: 5 of the best second-hand gadgets

Because no gadget collection is complete without an iconic bit of vintage tech...

There's nothing quite like tearing the wrapper off a pristine new gadget, but we reckon second-hand tech should be an essential part of any geek's diet too.

Why? For a start, other people's lofts are home to some serious bargains, such as a Russian ex-military camera for £40 (see the Zorki 4 below). Vintage tech has other advantages over new stuff too - timeless style, backstories to bore people with and, if you buy smartly, an ability to hold or even increase its value.

Which is why the Stuff team recently scoured auction sites, climbed into attics and borrowed family heirlooms to bring you this platter of some of our favourite second-hand icons, plus some tips on how to buy your own. 

Time to clear a shelf in the spare room and don your lucky auction hat...


Germi Record Vintage Race Bike (£1245)

With today’s cyclists obsessed by weight and aerodynamics, we have to put up with some pretty ugly bikes and eye-watering prices. There was a time when bikes used to look amazing and weren’t designed by a computer for a measly time saving over a single kilometre.

The Germi might not set any Strava records but you’ll be enjoying the ride more. The cogs are jogged by top-end Dura Ace EX 2nd Gen Black Edition shifters, way cooler than new electronic units. Hand-built from steel with amazing lug work, this is a bike you’ll be staring at as much as you’ll be riding; just keep your eyes on the road.

Buy a Germi Record Vintage Race Bike

Seiko RC-1000 (from £100)

I don’t want a smartwatch, that much is probably clear from my choice of vintage wristwear. But in 1984, when Seiko’s RC-1000 was released and I was still in nappies, they didn’t come any smarter. The RC-1000 has a nice black metal strap - mine is in really good nick, but it’s something to look out for when shopping for yours.

Sure, if I want to add notes and phone numbers to its 2K memory I’ll need to scour eBay for an Apple II, BBC Model B or something else from its retro list of supported computers; but it’ll still tell the time without one, and those are things my phone can already handle anyway. A bit like a modern smartwatch, come to think of it…

Find a Seiko RC-1000 on eBay