Samsung ATIV Q hands-on review

The dual OS toting super screened tablet-cum-notebook has let us touch it all over – and we liked it
Samsung ATIV Q hands-on

The Samsung ATIV Q is a do-it all piece of hardware combining tablet and keyboard that matches its versatility in the software department by sporting a dual OS – full Windows and Android. We go hands-on.

Samsung ATIV Q – screen

Physically the ATIV Q is lovely, it really does feel like a tablet rather than a thin laptop. The 13.3in display has a world record 3200x1800 qHD+ display, says Sammy, which we can see even at a glance. This high resolution makes viewing multiple windows clear but the touch sensitive screen was tested a bit as we stabbed between them with podgy fingers – guess that’s what the S Pen is for. The screen can be left in tablet mode, lifted at a laptop angle, floated like a drawing board, or flipped to stand like a screen. The action is smooth and makes for comfortable viewing angles whatever you’re doing.

Samsung ATIV Q – build

At 13.9mm thin and 1.3kg this is a genuine laptop and tablet alternative as a piece of hardware. The magnesium body feels strong without adding much weight – a worthwhile extra for that protection. Easy to hold as a tablet without too much wrist strain, not that you need worry thanks to the stand mode. All this and that’s without thinking about the dual OS.

Samsung ATIV Q – dual OS

Full Windows 8 and Android OS built in makes this a versatile device, a button touch flips you between the two seamlessly. We wonder which one we’d end up using more in the long run? Access to Word for business but Angry Birds for play is a cute concept but we’re keen to test the 12 hour battery life claims in real world use.

Samsung ATIV Q – keyboard

The keyboard is important as it adds those few extra millimetres and grams that should make it worthwhile. For the time we had it we were impressed, even the mouse nubbin responded well. The keys were a little flat compared to a laptop but it didn’t feel uncomfortable even on first use.

Samsung ATIV Q – verdict

It looks and feels every bit as portable as you’d want a hybrid device to be. The software, even while running dual OS, was as smooth as any laptop and the touchscreen as sensitive as your tablet. The outdoor brightness wasn’t tested here, obviously, but we’ll let you know how that fairs, as well as battery life in our full review coming soon.