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Promoted: The perfect phone for music memories

Has there ever been a better handset for music addicts than the Amazon Fire phone? The all-seeing, all-hearing phone loves music as much as you do…

What’s your favourite track in the world, ever? When did you first hear it? Where did you hear it? What was happening in your life in those following few months when it was a permanent fixture on your phone, CD player, car stereo, Walkman or turntable?

What does it remind you of every time you hear it? It’s OK, you can take a few moments… Great, isn’t it? Those beats, the lyrics, that melody will forever bookmark a particular life chapter, one that falls open every time you hear it to this day.

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Moments lost

Moments lost

How many of those opportunities have passed you by? How many potentially life-defining tracks have tumble-weeded through your consciousness because you didn’t know what they were at the time, or where to get your hands on them? How about that one from a couple of years ago that went "Bum-ba-bum-ba-bum, kiss my dolphin"? Gone. Lost in the moment.

Moments found
With an Amazon Fire phone this doesn’t need to happen. A press of the wily Firefly button and a quick tap on the screen is enough to summon its super-smart tune identifier. Once it’s made a match from among 30 million songs, purchase the MP3 or album and download it for later. Unfurl the tagliatelle cables of the high-spec earbuds, uncouple their magnetic backsides, nuzzle them into your head canals and start the next six weeks’ obsessive listening.

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What could be better than that? Maybe seeing and hearing that slab of audio gold performed in the flesh. Fortunately Fire phone can also let you know if that band or artist is coming to your town with StubHub integration. And because Fire phone users get the O2 Priority service as part of the deal, there’s even the chance to book gig tickets up to 48 hours in advance of a general-release stampede.

Priority pleasure

Priority pleasure

Even better than that? Well, maybe rubber-stamping that tune with the memory of a free flight, a VIP shopping trip or a surfing lesson, won by entering an O2 Priority prize draw.

But all good infatuations must come to an end, and when you feel the need to change the record, Fire phone is there for you. With Amazon Cloud Player as part of the bargain, upload your existing music library from your computer regardless of when and where you got it, then stream on demand and download the choice nuggets to the handset for those heavy-rotation playlists.

Too much information?
By the way, you can send your answers to those rhetorical questions to us in a hypothetical email. For the record, our answers would be ‘Take On Me’ by Aha, 1985, in the back of a Land Rover on a youth club trip to Alton Towers, little brother breaking a wrist on the way there and spending the whole weekend in a hospital bed in Coventry. Current obsession? That’ll be ‘Lank, Run on Fumes’ (Gai Barone Closing Time Remix). Played it seven times already today.

O2 exclusive

Find out more about the Amazon Fire phone, exclusively with O2, here