New twang clan: 9 of the best electric guitars

We thought you'd never axe...

They say nobody wants to be a rock star any more, because it's easier and more lucrative to do nail varnish tutorials on YouTube. Poppycock, fiddlesticks and balderdash. Also codswallop, baloney and bilge. And hogwash. Nothing else matches the visceral joy of a good old ker-chaaang - and if you can actually play more than one chord, so much the better. What's more, big advances in build quality even at the budget end of the market mean this is a great time to get into the electric guitar.

So, whether you've set your sights on headlining Download or just want to impress your friends with an arpeggiated F-sharp minor seventh, take your pick (no, not that kind) from this six string selection.

Classic crunchers

Boutique beauties

Affordable axes