Lawn & order: the best robot mowers for smarter strimming

Get the perfect patch with these green machines

Mowing, rolling, edging: lawns can look lovely, but there’s a lot of work behind the perfect patch.

Tired of playing Titchmarsh? Sure, it’s good to get outside, but if the swing seat seems more appealing than another Saturday spent taming the blades, it might be time to automate your mowing.

From compact patches to larger lawns, these robot gardeners will keep your grass looking green and pristine. Establish a perimeter, press a few buttons and watch as they trim your plot to perfection.

You’ll still have to handle the hedges, mind. Unless you’re a dab hand at drone programming…

Husqvarna Automower 305 (£1099)

Got yourself a tennis court’s worth of grass to trim? Wimbledon might be off this year, but that doesn’t mean your patch should be left untended. Helpfully, the Bluetooth-enabled Automower 305 can handle lawns of up to 600m2.

Like a good club groundskeeper, it adapts according to the weather, mowing more during periods of growth, then kicking back when the sun comes out. Capable of navigating complicated layouts, the 305 will also vary its route to avoid making tracks and can switch patterns to keep the cut of your court consistent.

Husqvarna’s gardener still needs a wire to guide it back to the charging base but, with a 70-minute run time from a 60-minute charge, this green bot will go ’til game, set and match.

FlyMo Easilife 350 (£700)

Despite the name, this automated mower can’t actually fly. Which is ironic, given that it’s ideal for trimming a mini landing strip into your lawn.

What it can do is perfectly manicure patches of up to 350m2. Simply set your desired mowing days, start time and garden size, and the orange bot will do the rest. It even adapts to weather changes and avoids frosty mornings.

Because Flymo’s now part of Husqvarna, the EasiLife 350 also benefits from reliable Bluetooth control via the partner app – think mower status and scheduling controls – as well as high-quality guide and boundary wires. Just a shame there’s no fly-by-wire.

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe (£999)

Bumping into things might seem a clumsy way to find the edges of a garden, but there’s no stopping your mate Sam after a few ciders.

For a better lesson in lawn navigation, try this bump-and-go mower: equipped with reinforced bumpers and a grass sensor, the lightweight L60 can find the perimeter of your patch without the use of guide wires – and, unlike Sam, it’ll even steer clear of landscaped sections. Not only does that make for a less cluttered lawn, but the symmetrical design means it can mow both ways – eliminating turning time and reducing wear on your hallowed turf. 

Garden less than level? Four-wheel drive helps the L60 ascend slopes of up to 50%. Presumably passing your pal rolling down as it does so.

Gardena Smart Sileno+ (£1799)

Blessed with half an acre? This premium mower will cut your carpet neat and even: the SensorCut system ensures a streak-free trim across lawns of up to 2000m2.

Quiet at 60dB, the Sileno+ is also a cinch to set up. Simply peg in the boundary wire and it’ll do the rest, navigating tighter sections, spiralling under trampolines and timing its trimming according to lawn growth.

Installed an irrigation system? Integrate Gardena’s Water Control attachment, pair everything through the partner app and automatic scheduling means your mower will never get sprinkled.

Honda Miimo HRM 40 Live (£1049)

Honda’s been in the robo-mower business for a long time, but that doesn’t mean its little trimmers are long in the tooth. Take the latest addition to the Miimo family: good for lawns of up to 400m2, the HRM40 is compatible with Alexa – so you can ask your Echo to do the gardening.

It’s also smart enough to map out your garden’s layout, fit under furniture and avoid potential holes. Bump sensors turn it away from pets, too, while lift sensors stop the blades if it’s picked up.

Quiet enough to run at night, the efficient Miimo can mow a small lawn in half a day – working in five-metre strips – before heading back for a charge. And with a weatherproof build, it’s no fair-weather worker.

Robomow RC 308 Pro (£1499)

Robomow’s RC 308 Pro might bear more than a passing resemblance to Robot Wars house robot Sergeant Bash, but this automated mower won’t toast your hedges with a flame-thrower.

Instead, the smart strimmer can cleverly cover multiple zones between charges, tackling lawns of up to 1500m2. Equipped with wide wheels and meaty motors, the all-rounder can cope with 36% inclines, trim to heights between 15 and 60mm and will even deal with those pesky edges.

Want to realise your childhood R/C dreams? Pair the 308 Pro with your smartphone via Bluetooth to steer it out of the shed without having to haul it by hand. Craig Charles would be proud.