How to make a Hollywood blockbuster movie – with your DSLR

The best camera kit plus expert tips from Gareth Edwards, director of next year’s Godzilla reboot
5D filming

Video on DSLRs is so good that even top professional directors are turning to these cameras for their movies: recently Black Swan, The Avengers and 127 Hours have all made use of affordable DSLRs (note, though, that the lenses fixed to these cameras are not always so affordable), which combine portability with excellent HD video capture.

So you want to be the next Scorsese, Tarantino or Boyle? Here’s what you need, as recommended by Gareth Thomas, writer/director of 2011 indie hit Monsters and currently helming the new Godzilla reboot due to crash onto cinema screens next year.

Image credit: Chris Jagers on Flickr