Give away data to big bad companies... and be happy

Stuff's Esat Dedezade wants an easy life - and sees giving massive corporations his most personal data as a way of getting it

As the iClouds batter my hidden shelter with synthesised acid rain, I keep my focus on the Sentinels hovering above the well in the distance. One or two don't pose a problem. Normally. But if a third one sneaks up on you, Deletion is guaranteed.

One final glance, and I decide to chance it. Two days without water doesn't exactly leave me with the luxury of choice. I quietly slide CtrlZ out of her makeshift holster. As always, I'm reassured by her hefty weight and the SmartBullets in her chamber.

Once I've downed the sentinels, I'll be able to see how many calories the bullets burned on their trajectory, how well they slept the night before and what their gunpowder-glucose levels are.

All utterly useless information of course, but after the Tipping Point in 2017, everything from toothpicks to butter knives had Bluetooth LE, accelorometers and GPS modules packed inside them.

That's when the alarm bells should have rung.

But when they finally did, it was too late. I squeeze the trigger twice. Two rounds slice through the air. The world is briefly showered in hot sparks. And yet, as I watch the Sentinels' red lenses dull, sinking into blackness, my mind can't help drifting off back to 2019.

When G gained sentience.

It punished us for scorning its +socialnetwork. It used its vast knowledge of our everyday habits to bring our swift demise.

Now there's nothing left on this charred Earth apart from a few straggling survivors.

Survivors like m…