Gadget Hall of Fame: Atari Jaguar

Atari's final home console is a cat cut from a different cloth to Sega and Nintendo contemporaries

Once you’ve found a decent Jaguar you should track down one of the matching CD units, which sat atop the console with the unfortunate side effect of making it look like a teddy bear’s toilet. You were then empowered to play the interactive CD-ROM titles of the day, such as Space Ace and Myst. It’s easy to find boxed examples for sale too, thanks to there not being many reasons to take a Jaguar CD out of its box once you bought it.

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Also in 1994:

Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino dragged John Travolta from a gutter and started his lifelong obsession with Uma Thurman, perfecting his trademark formula of sweary dialogue blended with ultra-violence in the process.


Launching in 1994, the show that would soon become the only thing ever shown on Channel 4 at the weekends quickly grew into a global phenomenon. And it did it without ever really making any proper jokes.

Netscape Navigator 1.0

Thanks to a new wave of browsers such as Netscape, the internet went from being a geeky bulletin board for trading porn and stolen software to... a much more accessible place to trade porn and stolen software.

Portishead: Dummy

With a throbbing bass sound that infuriated neighbours of students across the UK, Portishead pretty much invented modern post-club chill tunage with its soundtrack of sobbing and scratching.