Friend zone: the 17 best multiplayer games for console and PC gamers

UPDATED: Forza Horizon 4 joins our list, plus Fortnite gets PS4 cross-play

Spent a whole weekend on single-player action and craving some social interaction? Rather than bothering to go outside or launching Facebook, you could just get your hands on a multiplayer game.

You don’t have to settle for the obvious Call of Duty or FIFA candidates either. Thanks to the couch co-op resurgence and the emerging epic-scale battle royale genre, there’s a bigger-than-ever range of multiplayer games for you and your pals to dive into.

But which titles are worth your time? We’ve picked out some of our favourite multiplayer games for every major platform, so whatever your console or taste there should be something in this 17-game list for you and your friends to obsess over.

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