Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021: 15 gadget gift ideas for less than £100

Make daddy, daddy cool

Embraces are back in Britain, which means you’re all good to give your old man a hug on 20 June. But if you'd rather just solve the problem with money, here's our affordable Father's Day Gift Guide 2021 – additional affection optional.  

From smart speakers to stylish sunnies, we’ve rounded up a batch of the very best Father’s Day gifts – all for under a ton.

Whether he’s a fitness fan, a Lego lover or a movie buff, the list below should make shopping for your pop a cinch. Simply pick a present, spend your pennies and prepare to bring it in. Or you know, just nod or share a handshake. 

Huawei Band 6 (£60)

Whether your father’s a firm fitness fanatic or keen to shift some lockdown flab, Huawei’s latest wearable will help him track his way to better health.

Fronted by a vibrant and sizeable AMOLED display, the streamlined Band 6 does a stellar impression of a lightweight smartwatch. Its simple interface belies a suite of tracking features, including 96 workout modes, as well as all-day heart-rate, stress and SpO2 tracking – ideal if your dad loves data.

That’s all backed up by a battery that’s good for the best part of a fortnight, plus a smattering of smartphone connectivity options. All that’s missing is GPS – but who needs location information when you’re busy lobbing darts? Or flying kites. Or playing laser tag. All activities the Band 6 can log – and a standard circuit workout for your old man.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) (£35)

Waiting on your papa hand and foot is one way to show your love this Father’s Day. But for assistance that doesn’t stop when Sunday ends, give your dad the latest Echo Dot. 

Reborn as an orb, Alexa’s littlest home is no less smart: drop the dinky Dot in any room for voice-activated aid. Alexa can help with anything from timers and weather alerts to music streaming and smart home control. Set up Guard and she’ll even monitor your dad’s abode for the sound of smoke alarms or breaking glass when he’s out and about.

The spherical smart speaker isn’t the bassiest of balls, but its audio will still fill a room – and vocal clarity is impressive, making it perfect for podcasts, audiobooks and dropping in on other Echo devices. Father not on top of timekeeping? Opt for the Dot with a built-in clock.