Everything you need to note about the Apple Pencil

Don't draw your own conclusions – let us give you the lowdown on Apple’s latest accessory

The Apple Pencil is perhaps the one accessory that’s getting the iPad Pro a load of attention.

And rightly so, as it’s the add-on that differentiates Apple’s gigan-tablet from the rest of the iPad family and transforms it into an artist's digital canvas. But what exactly does it do? Here’s the 101. 

Video by Bang Ong

It’s familiar

As it’s the same length and size as a normal pencil, the Apple Pencil instantly feels familiar in your hand. It’s a little heavier than your regular wooden pencil, but it’s a weight that reminds you that you’re holding a £79 tech tool. And it won’t give you accidental splinters, either.

It’s precise

The Apple Pencil has the right sized nib. It’s not sharp enough to not give you that scratchy freshly-sharpened-pencil feeling, yet sharp enough to allow you to create fine detail in your artwork if you need to, like hieroglyphics on your sketch of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Incredibly low latency

That just means there is no perceptible lag between your Pencil movements and what actually appears on the screen of the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil can keep up with both your quick sketching and fast scribbling; the latter makes it perfect for taking notes with.