Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadget gifts for campers, wanderers and explorers

From compass-fitted flasks to beefy battery packs, here's our list of the best presents for outdoor adventurers

Ah, the great outdoors. Best trodden in a pair of hefty boots with a whisky-filled flask, nature's playground is the perfect place to channel your inner adventurer.

Or you could just put up a tent in the garden and use the downstairs loo.

Whether you're a ceaseless whittler, insatiable rambler or you just like sitting on rocks, we've bivvied up a veritable stove-load of great gadget gear to give and receive this Christmas.

VSSL Supplies Emergency Survival Kit (£68)

Alone on a mountain, being stalked by a bear that's consumed five litres of concentrated blackcurrant squash, you'll probably want a tranquiliser gun.

For everything else, there's this nifty waterproof torch. It contains almost everything you could need for a night in the wild: a candle, a compass, a razorblade, water purification tablets, rope, firestarters and waterproof matches, plus other essentials for surviving the great outdoors.

And, if you do encounter that bear, there's always the signalling mirror to distract it.

Buy the Supplies Emergency Kit here

Thermoball Triclimate (£280)

Not the lottery getting toasty, Thermoball is North Face’s answer to wilderness warmth.

Full to bursting with insulating goose down, it’s no poultry performer. The removable inner shell of this weather-beating combo scrunches up into a tiny package for easy storage, whilst the seam-sealed outer jacket provides breathable waterproofing to beat any weather.

Buy the Thermoball Triclimate here

Matador Pocket Blanket (£19)

A blanket might not seem like the obvious accessory for a hardcore explorer, but nobody likes a wet bum when they sit down for a cuppa, a pork pie and a packet of salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps.

Matador’s Pocket Blanket folds up smaller than said packet of potato snacks but, when unfurled, it's big enough for four people to sit on (just), with weighted corners to stop the wind from trying to fold it back up with you inside.

Buy the Matador Pocket Blanket here

Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency (£20)

Admit it: you’re very unlikely to get into the type of situation where you would need to use a light to try and get the attention of a would-be rescuer. And, if you are, then by the time you’ve said, “Quick! Pass the Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency torch thing”, you’ll probably be dead.

Nevertheless, it’s a neat (27g), and very affordable, addition to your panic-bag, with white and red LEDs that can shine or strobe to bring help - ideal for when the festival campsite gets just too hectic.     

Buy the Petzl e+lite Zip Emergency here

VSSL Flask (£70)

Whisky by the fire, tequila by the tree, a beer in the bush and, oh, where’s the tent?

Down on all fours, you try to channel your inner Ray Mears, tracking shoeprints through the scrubs. After hours of walking in circles, you realise you’re actually in the back garden.

Still, had you really been drunk in the desert, this flashlight-equipped military-grade aluminium flask, complete with in-built compass, would have done the trick. Time to find that orienteering guide.

Buy the VSSL Flask here