Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 28 gadget gift ideas for Apple fans

From Pro keyboards to slide-on snapcessories, here’s our list of the top gifts for Cupertino chums

We all know that certain someone who’s as good as fused to their favourite iAccessory. They’ll only put down Bejeweled on their iPhone to browse eBay on a Watch. Their iPad only gets a rest when they're busy salivating over the latest MacBook.

Any contraption that comes out of Cupertino - no matter the price - they want it, need it and, probably, have it. But, once one’s bought all the aluminium-skinned super-tech there is to buy, what’s left to slake a thirst for Apple-flavoured kit?

The answer, of course, is to accessorise. Whether cool cases or wireless charging wizardry, photographic add-ons or ‘Book-hugging mounts, we’ve collected the best in iExtras to compliment your cool-to-touch iOS tech. Enjoy.