Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 25 geeky board and card games

25 great board and card games, 25 ways to fall out with your family this Christmas

Few festive traditions are as enduring as the Christmas Day board game.

Some time between the Queen's speech and The Snowman, everyone shuffles in around the table, picks a playing piece and prepares to have a right good row.

In fact, the only thing as inevitable as soggy sprouts on the 25th is a huge family argument about the rules - an event which usually ends in cards on the floor, plastic artillery and more than a few broken baubles.

Of course, to do it properly you need some decent board or card games: standard edition Scrabble and Monopoly just won't cut it. Below you'll find 25 fantastic games, covering everything from quickfire word-play to geektastic, rule-heavy strategy titles.