Celebrate 5 years of the Apple App Store with these free apps

Apple celebrates five years of app downloads by serving up some of the App Store's finest for free

Five years ago, Apple opened its App Store gates to the world. Once the initial onslaught of fart apps died down, the quality of iOS developers started to shine through and today the iOS App Store remains king thanks to the sheer number of quality apps on offer. 

To celebrate the App Store's fifth birthday on Wednesday Apple has made a bunch of Apps free for a limited time, so we've rounded up some of the best ones for you to sink your teeth into. Once you're done downloading, make sure you also check out the App Store's ten most influential apps to date.

Infinity Blade 2

£Free App Store

This award-winning finger slasher is the ultimate way to kill some time or delve into a marathon gaming session while you're on the move. Featuring stunning visuals and plenty of weapons to dish out death to your enemies, it's earned its place as a must-have iOS title.

Tiny Wings HD

£Free App Store

Take a break from Angry Birds and spend time with their calmer cousins who are taking their tiny wings in their stride. Help them fight gravity by sliding them down hills, using them as jumps and getting them as far as you can before night falls.

Where's My Water

£Free App Store

Disney's Where's My Water lets you help Swampy (a disgruntled croc with a broken shower) clean himself off after a busy day doing whatever it is that prehistoric killing machines do. Carve out a path for the water while traversing obstacles on the way to ensure he's squeaky clean and in a good mood. You wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of a croc after all.


£Free App Store

A game that wins Apple's 2013 Design Award must have something going for it, and one look at BadLand's stunning atmospheric world is all you'll need to see that its victory was well deserved. Side-scrolling action with four player local multiplayer to boot, along with regular updates to feed you more levels.

Day One

£Free App Store

Whether you're the forgetful type or someone who wants to preserve their memories, Day One provides the tools you need. Create journal entries, make notes, add photos, add weather information, make reminders – the list goes on and on.