The Big Question: How can I get tech bargains on eBay?

One man's gadget trash is another's tech treasure...

You could probably furnish an entire home with bargains from 'the Bay', but when it comes to tech listings things get a little more complicated.

Gadget hunters tend to be a little more switched on to eBay's foibles, so if you want to successfully fish for bargains it pays to arm yourself with some knowledge of the best tools and spots to cast your net.  

Here are some of our favourite auction-winning tools, plus a few pointers from eBay on how to snag second-hand bargains from its refurb shelves...


The Typo Finder

Fat Fingers Pro

Some poor, tired eBay sellers leave typos in their listings that drastically reduce the number of bids they attract. Luckily for us there are apps such as this, which automatically work out the key typos for any search term. Only the paid version of Fat Fingers lets you filter results, but the Android app 'Misspelled auctions for eBay' is free. See you in the queue for a 'Paystation 4'.

from £free / Android / iOS

Insider tips

We also went hunting for some more official tech bargain advice - eBay's Retail Director for Electronics Murray Lambell gave us these pointers...


1) Go Refurb

Many tech firms, including Dyson and GoPro, are refurbishing and selling their own items on eBay. Refurb is a great way to bag a bargain, so check it out here.

2) Are you covered?

One of the things to consider when buying refurb is the warranty the item comes with. If you shop from eBay's refurbished hub, all items come with a 12-month warranty from the seller.

3) Save on shipping

Look for sellers that offer free shipping by ticking the box in the 'Advanced' section of the search filter. Many tech items are small enough to be shipped cheaply, and it's a great way to save a few extra pennies.