The best smartphones of 2017 (so far)

The handsets that captured our hearts in the first half of the year

That smartphone sat in your pocket? It's pretty much the ultimate gadget.

It’s just so many things: a pocket-sized device that gives the bearer access to all human knowledge; a portable music and HD video viewer; a handheld games console; a point-and-shoot camera and camcorder; a master of communications; and yes (very important), it’s a calculator.

All of the above is true, and none of it hyperbole, which is why here at Stuff we spend so much time and effort reviewing and reporting on smartphones. They’re the bread and butter of the tech world; a type of gadget that pretty much everybody owns; fast-moving, always developing and in a highly competitive marketplace, every year sees dozens of excellent smartphones released.

2017 has been no different – even though, at the time of writing, it’s only halfway through the year. So without further ado, let us bring you our favourite smartphones of 2017 so far.