Domestic bliss: the best relaxation gadgets for a less stressed lockdown

Test negative for cabin fever

Lockdown left you in tiers? From clinical boredom to acute cabin fever, continued confinement can place serious strain on your mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re home from work or working from home, staying sane within your four walls requires no shortage of fortitude. And comfort food.

Cooped up and climbing the walls? It might be time for some technical assistance: from purer air to softer sounds, all of the gadgets below are designed to make your humble abode a calmer, more relaxing place for mind, body and soul.

Sure, no amount of meditation or scented mist can make the latest government guidelines less perplexing, but a more mindful approach might at least prevent you from lobbing the last loo roll when you see BoJo’s next briefing.