Reset yourself: 9 mindfulness gadgets for a calmer New Year

Soothe your soul with this stress-free tech

Mindfulness is good for many things: feeling relaxed, stressing less, forgetting the indiscretions of yet another messy New Year’s Eve.

And, while it can’t cure a hangover, there’s growing evidence to suggest that cultivating a calm presence of mind can have physical benefits, too – from improving sleep to lowering blood pressure. Which is more than you can say for that last whisky sour.

Not one for a meditation getaway? Worry not: from ambient earbuds to scented vapour makers, it’s never been easier to add a dose of serenity to your daily routine.

So, make your resolution a restful one with this stress-free kit, sure to bring you peace of mind in 2019. Or ten minutes of quiet time, at least.