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Which juicer should you buy? The best juicers and presses for fresh fruit juice

Easy squeezers

Fresh fruit might be worth the squeeze, but harvesting by hand requires a hefty helping of elbow juice. Want extract without the extra effort? The best juicers take all the stress out of pressing.

From cool masticators that slowly crush the good stuff to zippy centrifuges that quickly blitz your five a day, this zesty buying guide features our pick of the best juicers for every taste and countertop.

Whether OJ is your jam or grapefruit gets you going, each of the electric juicers below makes it easy to squeeze, strain and serve the sweet stuff. Just add fruit.

Buying tips

Pulp friction

Centrifugal juicers use blades to quickly liquidise your favourite fruit, while masticators squeeze it slowly through moving augers. Citrus presses squash zesty halves against a rotating reamer for instant extract.

Reservoir clogs

Most juicers use a filter to keep pulp and foam from filling your beaker. For easy cleaning, pick one with a removable sieve. Some models can also be filled with water for a rapid rinse.

Mango unchained

The size of a juicer’s chute limits what you can drop in. Want to blitz something grander than a grape? The roomiest tubes measure wider than 80mm – enough to fit most mangoes, no chopping necessary.

Fill bill

A fruity flow won’t get you very far if your preferred receptacle doesn’t fit beneath the spout. Most juicers have a generous clearance height, while many ship with perfectly sized pouring jugs for easier distribution.

The best centrifugal juicers for speedy spinning

The texture taker: Philips Avance Juicer

Best juicers 2022: Philips Avance

Fruit might be packed with fibre, but too much texture can leave a sour paste in the mouth. This powerful pulser controls consistency with just a touch. Constant speeds and a special sieve can serve up cloudless juice – or extract twice the fibre, if you prefer a pulpier potion. Rinsing is also a cinch: simply fill the Avance with water to create a cleansing fountain.

The rapid revolver: Nutribullet Juicer Pro

Best juicers 2022: Nutribullet Juicer Pro

A juice shot can be just the ticket to supercharge your morning. Trouble is, not every crop is easy to crush. Luckily, Nutribullet’s Pro juicer has three speeds to suit every fruit. Need blitzed beets in a blink? The fastest turbo mode spins the blade at 14,000 rpm, enough to pulverise the toughest of roughage.

The brisk blitzer: Sage Nutri Juicer Cold

Best juicers 2022: Sage Nutri Juice

Rotating metal might make light work of nature’s yield, but it can also heat the resulting elixir. Not a fan of lukewarm liquid? This nifty number blends quick but cool, courtesy of Cold Spin smarts and a precision mesh filter. So you get juice in a jiffy, with a temperature transfer of less than 1.8°C.

The best cold-press juicers for chilly churning

The effortless extractor: Hurom H300

Best juicers 2022: Hurom H300

Want faff-free fruit juice that’s as easy as taking a carton from the fridge? Drop whole pieces into this Hurom juicer’s huge hopper, hit the single button and it’ll do the rest. A single multi-screw inside takes care of the squashing and straining, while the motor can automatically detect pressure changes and reverse if certain ingredients need a second squeeze.

The pitched pulper: Fridja Whole Fruit Juicer

Masticators use turning screws to churn your juice. Trouble is, clogging can be a problem if you overload them. This jumbo pulper features a tilted tube to feed fruit and veg in at an angle, for fewer jams and maximum extraction. It’s also good for making nut butters, in case crushed harvest produce isn’t enough to satisfy your masticating habit.

The muted masticator: Ninja Cold Press Juicer

Going slow has its benefits. The gentle rotation of this juicer’s nine-element auger transfers minimal warmth to the fruity stream. And like its noiseless namesake, the Ninja is three times quieter than a standard centrifugal alternative. So it’s less likely to scare away the residents of the nearby fruit bowl.

The best citrus presses for zesty zapping

The capped compressor: Gastroback Citrus Juicer Advanced Pro S

When life gives you citrus, juice is the obvious answer. But hand-squeezing a lemon crop will soon have you fuming at those optimistic idioms. This full-metal squasher packs a cast iron reamer that can send unsuspecting fruit to a juicy end in half the time. Press the compression leaver and it’ll bore all the good stuff without taking the pith.

The retro rotator: Smeg Citrus Juicer

Oranges haven’t changed much in 70 years, but kitchen appliances have. Want to freshly squeeze like it’s still the Fifties? Smeg’s old-school juicer channels vintage diner vibes. Simply hold half a citrus sphere on its automatic spinning top and wait for the nectar to arrive via the non-drip spout, which flips up after use to keep surfaces spick and span.

The sinister strainer: Alessi Plissé Electric Citrus Squeezer

Daleks don’t make fruit juice. But if they did, this would be their weapon of choice. Styled like a dinky villain from the Doctor Who drawing board, this angular extractor strikes fear into the pips of citrus everywhere – especially when its lid lifts to reveal the reamer waiting ominously inside.

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