The best horror films on Amazon Prime Video

Fancy a fright this weekend? Curl up on (or hide behind) the sofa with one of these scary movies

There's a universal thrill in being scared - particularly when there's no actual danger involved.

And what better way to indulge your taste for the pants-fillingly frightening than to dim the lights, curl up on the couch and watch a horror film? Thankfully, the days of having to venture out to the video shop or cross your fingers that something suitable is on are over - there's a horrifying wealth of scary movies available at your fingertips on streaming services. 

Here, you'll find the Stuff team's pick of Amazon Prime's horror movie selection. There's sure to be something in here that'll put the willies up you.

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Death Proof

The Quentin Tarantino-directed half of 2007’s Grindhouse double bill, Death Proof isn’t generally regarded among the motormouthed one’s better works – and yet it contains a lot of the wonderful stuff that has made QT one of the most treasured filmmakers of his generation.

Wit-laced dialogue, tension, wonderful music and visceral violence – it’s all present and correct, and backed up with a car chase that’ll make your palms sweaty.

Watch Death Proof on Amazon Prime Video

Goodnight Mommy

This Austrian indie movie’s chills come more from its relentlessly creepy atmosphere than gore or jump scares, as twin boys in a remote house react to the return of their mother – apparently from some kind of reconstructive surgery. But is it really her under those bandages?

If you prefer your scares served cold, with a side order of existential dread, Goodnight Mommy deserves a spot on your Amazon Watchlist.

Watch Goodnight Mommy on Amazon Prime Video

The Mist

Frank Darabont has a history of successfully adapting Stephen King stories – see The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption if you want proof – but with The Mist he took a major departure from the horror master’s original by totally changing the ending. And it works – King actually found it an improvement.

The film stars Thomas Jane as a family man trapped in a supermarket during a spot of meteorological mayhem that makes Hurricane Sandy look like a spot of drizzle: rather than a few hailstones, this storm is spewing out killer monsters left, right and centre. If it sounds silly, it could have been – but Darabont’s changes make this one of the darkest, most sinister monster movies around, with an ending you’ll find hard to shake off.

Watch The Mist on Amazon Prime Video

Wolf Creek

Proof that Aussie cinema is about more than Mick Dundee, Wolf Creek introduces a character who’s easily as memorable and far nastier than the knife-wielding, globe-trotting bushman.

John Jarratt plays another Mick, who offers to help a trio of teens after car trouble causes them to become stranded in the national park that gives the film its name. Sounds like a predictable, clichéd horror movie, right? It would be if Mick Taylor wasn’t so terrifyingly deranged and it hadn’t been shot with such rare beauty for a film that descends into such horrific depravity. Not for the faint hearted.

Watch Wolf Creek on Amazon Prime Video

We Are Still Here

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life – and we can only imagine that goes double when your new pad happens to be haunted by a family of blood-hungry spirits.

We Are Still Here is a tight, low-budget old-school shocker that won’t change the world (or linger particularly long in the memory), but it’s well stocked in terms of creepiness, gore and frights. And sometimes, that’s all you want out of a horror film.

Watch We Are Still Here on Amazon Prime Video

I Saw the Devil

Asian cinema revitalised horror in the 1990s and 2000s with a slew of shocking, grotesque and insanely creepy movies such as Ringu, Audition, and Ichi the Killer – and the Far East is still churning out stomach-churning films for those that like having their sensibilities messed with. Korean movie I Saw the Devil is one such picture, the story of a serial killer and a cop and their entrance into a kind of symbiotic cycle of violence. Is the price of revenge against evil worth becoming a monster yourself?

Watch I Saw the Devil on Amazon Prime Video