7 amazing Kickstarter projects that could change the world

You'll regret not being an early adopter of these incredible transformative gadgets

Between patronage and commerce lies an eclectic market bustling with two kinds of people: those with a pocket, and those with a project. As you pledge your monetary allegiances to the many lofty promises of humble developers and designers, some of these curious ideas are just waiting to materialise.

More than just a crowd­funding platform, the support and scrutiny of the backing community can shape and polish these raw ores of creativity and innovation into shiny and purposeful products. Some have already won the heart of the Kickstarter audience, as well as ours.

Makey Makey GO

Makey Makey GO is a quirky invention kit in the form of a simple USB tool­toy, turning everyday objects into touchpads and combining them with the Internet. Just grab the Makey Makey GO off the refrigerator door (it's a magnet too!) and plug it into the USB port of your laptop, with each end of the Alligator clip on a chosen object - say, a banana, and the Makey Makey GO board.

When you prod the banana, the device sends your laptop a keyboard or mouse message, acting like it's both. And as all programs and webpages utilise keyboard­mouse inputs, as silly as it sounds, your banana can do everything.

The device works with most materials that conduct at least a tiny bit of electricity. If something doesn't work, just apply copper tape, or wet it a little. We're talking a blade of grass, bread, a soda can. A POTATO. The possibilities are endless. Use Makey Makey GO with TouchPianist to turn your pie into a piano. Or with Photobooth to trigger clutch waterslide­selfies. Just don't be surprised by the weird looks you'll get when you're beating up a donut in the middle of Starbucks.

Kickstart Makey Makey GO here

The Light Phone

It's hard to imagine anything that comes close to how swiftly homo sapiens have unconditionally fallen for their mobile devices. If you have a separate smartphone just for work, why not have another just for life?

Leave your distracting device at home and take your credit card­sized cell phone out after work. The Light Phone uses the simple call­forwarding function to connect calls from your smartphone, so you can go as far as you want for cell service.

It's what a phone was always meant to be – it takes and makes calls. No Wi-­Fi, Bluetooth, texting or apps. Missed a call? There won't be any voicemails or missed ­call display as an excuse for you to keep checking your Light Phone. Not to mention, it makes a great first phone for a child too. No selfies or texting at the table... Sounds great to us.

Kickstart the Light Phone here