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The Weekend Spend – 7 ace objects you can pick up for less than £50

Shop your way to happiness with this week’s selection of ravishing affordable buys

The weekend is almost here, and what better way to spend it than spending money on great stuff? We’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the best gear, garments and more that can be had for less than £50.

Escape t-shirt (£30)

Escape t-shirt

The world isn’t exactly short on geek-friendly garb these days, but this t-shirt is more charming than most – especially if you’re a veteran Mac user.


Kare Icons book (US$40)

Kare Icons book

Susan Kare – the graphic designer behind Apple’s 1980s icons – offers up a closer look at her creations in this coffee table book. In all, there are 80 images inside, from those infamous Mac icons to new creations like a pixel art pic of Steve Jobs. Geek art at its finest.


Kensington Evap Rescue Pouch (£20)

Kensington Evap Rescue Pouch (£20)

Drop your phone in the bath and it’s dead, right? Not necessarily, says Kensington. The company has launched a special pouch designed to rescue wet electronics by absorbing the water inside. Place your sodden device inside, seal it up and wait for the moisture indicator to tell you when it’s dry. It’s apparently 700% more effective than a bowl of rice. Less tasty, though.


MaKey MaKey (£40)

MaKey MaKey (£40)

Made a reality after a Kickstarter campaign, MaKey MaKey allows you to create computer controllers out of anything that will conduct an electrical current. Use pieces of fruit to play Super Mario Bros., or tinkle the ivories of a GarageBand piano by walking up and down the stairs. Plugging into your computer via USB, MaKey MaKey doesn’t require that you install software or fiddle with circuit boards: all you need to do is plug it in and hook up some conductive materials using the supplied crocodile clips. This video explains things more fully.


The Fast and the Furious Blu-ray collection (£45)

The Fast and the Furious Blu-ray collection (£45)

All six movies in the Fast and Furious series are included in this bumper box set – so you can watch its evolution from a simple Max Power fantasy of tricked-out street racers to the globetrotting action franchise it is today, and prepare yourself for the inevitable seventh instalment.


Lezyne Hecto Drive LED light set (£50)

Lezyne Hecto Drive LED light set (£50)

Being a ninja on a bike is great, but looking like a ninja on a bike really isn’t, so as the nights draw in you need to make sure you don’t end up riding in stealth mode. These beautifully machined lights will make sure you’re never left in the dark, pumping out up to 100 lumens at the front and 15 lumens at the back. Best of all, they’re rechargeable via an built-in USB plug inside their end cap and attach to any bike in seconds thanks to their rubbery mounts.


Frolicat Bolt (£26)

Frolicat Bolt

Cats have never had it so good – okay, maybe in Ancient Egypt when they got to make all the decisions – but now they’ve got humans bending over backwards to provide lasers for their amusement. Yes, lasers. And yes, any feline will go bananas for the patterns the Bolt makes. Let the YouTube uploads begin. Preferably used in combination with a Roomba.


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